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The J4 Project

I have always appreciated playing outside and spending unstructured time in natural settings. There are always rewards and surprises that come with putting yourself out there, into the great wide open. Capturing experiences and moments of insight with a camera is the best way that I know how to express gratitude through art.

I share this passion with my wife Jamie, daughter Jennalyn, and son Jackson. We learn about landscapes together and experiment with technology to produce images that are meaningful to us. The art that we produce is for sale and all proceeds from the project are for our children's education. Our family is learning about geography, ecology, geology, photography, computer art graphics, and life outside while generating income for the cost of education.

Each image in this gallery is available to purchase in a number of different sizes and mediums. Just click on the "Buy Photos" button and explore the different options from simple prints to fun products and books. The selection process is much easier on a desktop machine or large device. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.          

Thank you sincerely from the Rathje Family - J4

The J4 Project Gallery